What Pittsburghers are eating during quarantine

What Pittsburghers are eating during quarantine

CP illustration: Abbie Adams

Earlier this week, I sent an SOS text to my mom: “Help! I need dinner ideas.” With the Stay-at-Home order in place, I (along with many other people) have had to confront the fact that my cooking skills are miserable.

But thanks to many Instagram stories, I also know that being stuck at home has turned many people into gourmet at-home chefs. So, I’ve posed the question: What are you cooking during quarantine?  

This collection of recipes, snacks, and bad pantry finds is what everyday people (aka non-chefs) are eating while they’re stuck at home. All illustrations are by Abbie Adams and captions from the cooks themselves.

1. “Pickles that I think have been in my fridge way too long” - CP editorial designer Abbie Adams

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