Steelers Rookies Visit Mel Blount Youth Home

Steelers Rookies Visit Mel Blount Youth Home

WASHINGTON COUNTY (KDKA) – The Pittsburgh Steelers’ rookies hit the field in Washington County today, but they weren’t working to beat rival or win a championship. It was about something bigger than football.

“The kids get the chance to meet all these future superstars that are coming to the Steelers, and it works out really well,” Steelers Hall-of-Famer Mel Blount told KDKA.

For about 17 years, rookies with the Steelers have been working to give back to the community with Blount. The athletes work with young men from the Mel Blount Youth Home, which helps the young adults develop character and integrity.

“It gives the guys an opportunity to see and meet Pittsburgh, to meet one of our many hall-of-famers, and to see how much work he does with young men,” Steelers Player Engagement Coordinator Terry Cousin said.

Today, about 70-80 kids got to run plays, drills, and meet the next wave of men who will wear the black and gold on Sundays at Heinz Field. Blount said this day doesn’t just leave an impression on the boys, the rookies also take something away from the experience.

“When I go into the locker room during the season, they talk about what a great time they had and how much they enjoyed working with the kids,” Blount said.

Rookie wide receiver Diontae Johnson hopes an event like today can help motivate these young adults to reach for their dreams.

“We just want to give support and show them that we are trying to help them and give them inspiration that they can do the same thing we’re doing,” Johnson said.