Sexual Harassment Allegations Clouding Pa. GOP Chair Race

Sexual Harassment Allegations Clouding Pa. GOP Chair Race

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) – More accusations about sexual harassment of women by Pennsylvania Republican Party officials are emerging in the days before party members will meet to elect a new chair.

The acting chair, Bernadette Comfort, is being accused by GOP activists of knowing about and ignoring two separate complaints of sexual harassment by state party officials.

In a statement, Comfort says it’s not true that anyone alerted her about inappropriate behavior and asked her for help.

Comfort is running for chair and is expected to be opposed at Saturday’s meeting in Hershey by the state GOP’s former general counsel, Lawrence Tabas.

Val DiGiorgio resigned from the chairmanship last month after a Philadelphia City Council candidate accused him of sexually harassing her.

DiGiorgio denied it and said their interaction amounted to “mutual consensual communications.”

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