Residents Of Crafton Organize Protest Against Borough Council

Residents Of Crafton Organize Protest Against Borough Council

By: Royce Jones

CRAFTON (KDKA) – There is controversy in Crafton Borough.

People who live there are worried about some of the recent decisions of the borough’s council members, calling them “corrupt” and “contentious.”

Crafton Borough Councilman Fred Amendola told KDKA, “There’s no transparency. There’s a lot of things being done being closed doors by the majority of the council.”

After November’s election, Amendola said the council went corrupt.

The councilman claims a majority of the members hold private meetings, discussing plans to fire some of the borough’s top employees.

Most recently, the council voted to terminate a borough manager, a public works director, and a police officer.

“These people, coming in and micromanaging, these people standing up to that council, person and next thing you know they’re gone,” said the councilman.

Amendola also alleges wasteful spending on behalf of his fellow council members, telling KDKA, “they’re talking about borrowing millions and millions of dollars for sewer projects. Millions.”

On Sunday, Amendola plans to lead a protest, in his own red fire truck through the borough.

Amendola and concerned residents will call on others to vote out some of the council members.

“I’m a former policeman so I’m not used to people lying to me,” said Amendola.

8-year-resident Cody Sheets helped organize Sunday’s protest and said he’s concerned about the council’s actions.

“I’ve emailed this council numerous times about numerous issues. And never once has a councilman answered my email,” said Sheets.

Sheets said it’s important people speak out against concerns in their neighborhoods.

“Not enough people pay attention to it. This is where the fight starts and this is where people need to start paying attention,” said Sheets.

The protest starts Sunday at Crafton Park at 11:30 a.m. and ends at the Borough Building.