Port Authority To Consolidate Pittsburgh Area Bus Stops

Port Authority To Consolidate Pittsburgh Area Bus Stops

PITTSBURGH (KDKA)– Port Authority has announced that it will begin removing redundant and unpopular bus stops to improve time performance.

According to the Port Authority’s most recent Annual Service Report, “on-time performance lags behind its peers at about 67 percent systemwide.”

The program, beginning in November of 2019, is aiming to make the bus system more reliable.

“I came to Pittsburgh with a mission to improve our customers’ experience, and a large part of that is to making sure our customers can reliably get where they want to go within a reasonable amount of time,” said Port Authority CEO Katharine Kelleman.

The company is considering proximity to schools, churches, senior centers, healthcare facilities, and other important public buildings when choosing which bus stops to eliminate.

“Ensuring customer safety and accessibility have been key factors throughout this process,” said David Huffaker, Port Authority’s chief development officer. “We certainly want to hear from riders to make sure we haven’t overlooked anything.”

Riders can view the the list of stops and provide input here.

The proposed stops will be released in December.