Police: Woman’s Son Could Not Get Inside ‘Deplorable’ Apartment Because Rooting Food, Human Waste And Liquor Bottles Covered Floor

WESTMORELAND COUNTY (KDKA) — Police say a Westmoreland County woman was living in such filth that her son couldn’t get in the front door after school.

Prompted by a tip, the police visited Marie Kinnaird’s apartment on Helman Street in Youngwood.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

“He was unable to get into his residence and subsequently was able to get back on the bus and was taken back to school,” trooper Stephen Limani said of the boy.

The school let the state police know what was going on.

“We went back to the residence and forced our way in and were able to make contact with the mother of this child, who was visibly intoxicated,” Limani. “The house was absolutely deplorable.”

Investigators say the place had rotting food and human waste on the floor.

There was also no bedding or consumable food.

“There were several bottles of liquor, several consumed empty bottles,” Limani said.

Kinnard, who is deaf and suffering from late-stage liver disease, got a visit from troopers last month after she was found stumbling around outside.

“She was unable to stand,” Limani said. “She was incoherent.”

The young boy is now in foster care.

The troopers credit the bus driver for staying around when the boy couldn’t get into his apartment and the kind neighborhoods who’ve been there for him.

“For the most part, the child’s been fending for himself,” Limani said.

Kinnaird is facing public drunkenness and endangering the welfare of a child charges.