Mayor Peduto: Pittsburgh ‘Slipped’ Last Weekend, Tells Public Sacrifices Must Be Made In Fight Against Coronavirus

Mayor Peduto: Pittsburgh ‘Slipped’ Last Weekend, Tells Public Sacrifices Must Be Made In Fight Against Coronavirus

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The weather may be getting nicer, just in time for the weekend too, but Mayor Bill Peduto and Pittsburgh Public Safety Director Wendell Hissrich are emphasizing the importance of social distancing.

At a news conference in front of the Pittsburgh Police and K-9 Memorial statue, Mayor Peduto said, “social distancing is the only way we can win this war” against the coronavirus pandemic.

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Coronavirus has been called an invisible enemy and if we want to beat it, everyone has to do their part.

Last weekend, city officials say Pittsburgh “slipped” in the warmer weather, forgetting just how serious this virus is. Parks were packed and people were seen in large groups.

In response basketball rims were taken down and overlooks were closed to the public.

Peduto and Hissrich say sacrifices have to be made now to protect others. We will see the pay off in the long term, Peduto added.

Hissrich added that while there will be a larger police and park ranger presence outside this weekend; they will do all they can to keep from citing people.

Here are a few guidelines they want people to follow: stay home, stay in your yard if you do go outside, choose less busy times to go to the park and completely avoid parties.

April is a critical month, because Peduto says, it is when we’ll more than likely see more cases and it will show if people are maintaining social distancing.

“We are not getting to that point where our hospital system and our medical system will see the type of stresses that they are seeing in New York,” Peduto said. “However, that is not to say that isn’t a possibility. What will really decide that is the actions of Pittsburghers over the next two weeks.”

Hissrich also offered an update on the Pittsburgh firefighter who tested positive for the virus. Hissrich says he remains self-isolated, but is doing well. The seven other firefighters he had contact with the day before are self-quarantining, but are expected to be fine.

In addition, city officials say one police officer and two EMS workers are also self-quarantining.