Man Sentenced For Punching Trump Protester Outside Rally

Man Sentenced For Punching Trump Protester Outside Rally

CINCINNATI (AP) — A Kentucky man who punched a protester outside of an August rally for President Donald Trump in Cincinnati was sentenced Friday to 120 days in jail.

The sentencing comes after a jury in Cincinnati earlier this month found Dallas Frazier, 30, of Georgetown, guilty of misdemeanor assault. Frazier received credit for the six days he spent in jail and must pay $900 in medical expenses for 61-year-old Michael Alter, who suffered a torn artery in his eye and required surgery.

Frazier’s public defender could not be reached for comment Saturday. His attorneys argued at trial that it wasn’t an assault outside U.S. Bank Arena but a mutual fight between the two men. They said Alter instigated the confrontation by taunting Frazier and making a “come on” gesture after Frazier got out of his vehicle.

A witness who stepped in to push Frazier away testified that Frazier was the aggressor. Prosecutors said Alter did not punch back.

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