Kidsburgh: Best Babyproofing Products

Kidsburgh: Best Babyproofing Products

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Kim Finkbeiner has babyproofed hundreds of homes in her almost 20 years helping families prepare their homes for a new baby or toddler. She goes into a home, does an assessment on what’s needed and installs the products she things that home needs to keep a baby, toddler or young child safe.

KDKA’s Kristine Sorensen finds out Kim’s Top 5 Favorite babyproofing products, in this edited interview.

1. Swivel latch for cabinets and drawers
Kim: It’s a very versatile latch, usually for the kitchen but the bathrooms as well. I can actually install that a lot of different ways, and it can swivel so you can deactivate it temporarily if you need to. Let’s say it’s a grandparents home and they don’t always have the grandkids around, you can swivel it so it doesn’t latch.

For more information, visit this link.

2. Sliding outlet cover
Kim: I like this because it actually replaces the plate. Sometimes with those removable outlet caps, little fingers can get in there and pull them out, and then you have an exposed outlet. This works by sliding over the plug and plugging in the cord, just like normal. When you take it out, it snaps back in place automatically.

For more information, visit this link.

3. Aluminum stairway/outdoor gate
Kim: There’s an aluminum gate on the market that’s powder-coated, so it’s easy to clean. It’s very durable. It’s very lightweight, as opposed to steel. So that’s probably my favorite gate.

More information on the aluminum wall-mounted stairway gate.
Aluminum stairway gate also available in an outdoor model with stainless steel hardware kit.

4. Retractable gates
Kim: That’s good for narrow spaces or when you have a very big angle that some of those other gates won’t handle. And it’s nice because it’s out of the way, and you don’t have anything swinging.

More information on the retractable gate by Retract-A-Gate.
More information on the Kiddyguard Avant retractable gate by Lascal.

5. Custom Hearth Cushions
Kim: It protects the edges and corners of the hearth, and it also adds seating because it can stay beyond the need for the childproofing. It comes in all different colors, and it’s custom-made to your hearth.

More information on the Custom Hearth Safety Seat.