Greater Pittsburgh Community Foodbank Launches New Commitment To Region

Greater Pittsburgh Community Foodbank Launches New Commitment To Region

All people deserve a healthy and hunger-free life, yet 1 in 9 of our neighbors in southwestern Pennsylvania struggle to have enough food to be healthy and thrive. That means 260,000 people, including more than 70,000 children, experience food insecurity on a regular basis. Many turn to the Food Bank for help.

Through a network of agencies, partners and programs, the Greater Pittsburgh Community Foodbank is working to meet the needs of those who face hunger. They are committed to doing more and it starts with transforming the current food bank system to better meet the immediate needs of our neighbors, while addressing the root causes of hunger and inequality.

Prior to COVID-19, the Food Bank was working toward a better future. While the pandemic negatively impacted so many people in the region, it highlighted the need for a critical mission to service the community. Grow Share Thrive is a commitment to everyone in the region who relies on the Food Bank to help put food on their tables.

The Food Bank will GROW the amount of food they distribute with a focus on the fresh and nutritious foods people want and need. They will SHARE resources and invest in community partners including schools, public agencies and health care providers to reach more people where and when they need help. They will help the community THRIVE by providing greater access to, and information about, services that help individuals and families get back on their feet.

The Food Bank’s mission is to expand through this comprehensive initiative. While they know there is much work to do, they are committed to transforming the Food Bank to better serve the community. They will extend their network of partners to include organizations that can reach individuals who do not go to a traditional pantry. The Food Bank will also open a Community Pantry at their headquarters in Duquesne to test new ideas and provide training for partners and connect those who need food to additional resources to help stabilize lives.

New partnerships with schools and health care providers will create even more opportunities for people to learn, to access resources and to thrive. Across southwestern Pennsylvania, people and organizations are joining the Food Bank to create solutions such as a new Life Stabilization team who helps families achieve long-term stability, connecting people with resources like housing, SNAP (food stamps), healthcare and childcare support.

Grow Share Thrive is the vision and commitment to ending hunger and its root causes across the region. By expanding their infrastructure and programming, all neighbors will have food today, tomorrow and for a lifetime. The Food Bank are building the Food Bank for the Future. They invite you to join them today at