Extreme Heat Comes To Pittsburgh, People Finding Ways To Stay Cool

Extreme Heat Comes To Pittsburgh, People Finding Ways To Stay Cool

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — On a day like this there is a cooling property just being near North Park’s massive swimming pool.

It was a welcome relief for the kids from The Boys and Girls club in Shadyside.

“Being out on the concrete is not the same as the water it’s not as fun,” said the club’s Wes Morris.

“It’s real hot, I mean we’re sweating, that’s why we’re at the pool. It’s nice when the suns out when it’s shady it’s a little muggy out,” said Ross Township’s Taylor Little, standing knee-deep in the water enjoying some relief.

Meredith Cooper lives nearby in Hampton.

“The overcast clouds have helped out it doesn’t feel as hot,” she said.

Frank Guarnaccio from Collier Township agrees.

“I actually commented that I didn’t think it was as bad and it may not get that bad today,” he said.

Basia Watson seconds that thought, “It’s not as hot as I thought it was going to be today.”

Rick Desano of Richland Township planned his day around the expected heat.

“Stay a little more hydrated and stay out of the sun,” he said. “Try to get everything done in the morning rather than wait until the afternoon.”

Holly Hall and her family just moved here from Hawaii.

“It’s miserable. In fact, we’re having trouble with the temperatures. Houses are air-conditioned so we’re freezing inside and stifling hot outside,” she said, assessing the weather today.

WATCH: Pittsburghers Finding Ways To Stay Cool During Excessive Heat Warnings

The conditions didn’t deter some folks from getting out on their bikes, or walking or running. Pittsburgh Public Safety Director Wendell Hissrich says his fellow runners should think twice.

“If you’re running you should probably try to run later at night or early in the morning not do it at two or three o’clock in the afternoon,” he said.

People ages 65 and older are at higher risk for heat-related illnesses and several cooling centers are open throughout the city.

Several ladies at the West End Healthy Living Center knew exactly where to go to cool off.

“My air conditioner is not working right now and instead of sitting and steaming all day, I can come here to socialize and do some crafts,” said Sheila Hartless. “You know what could happen if you get too hot at home. I live alone so it’s not safe.”

The acting Center Director Julie Heath says their hours are extended during this spell.

“We are here Monday through Friday 8-4, but this weekend we are here from 10-6 Saturday and Sunday and tonight until 7,” she said.

Personal habits can play a role in whether you cool off enough in hot weather. Factors such as age, obesity, poor circulation, prescription drugs, and alcohol all can play a role.

Along with cooling centers, Pittsburgh officials are warning those heading to the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix or Pirates games taking place this weekend.

Early morning is when you might want to arrive for the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix on the rolling Bob O’Connor Golf Course. The Grand Prix’s Dan DelBianco expects big crowds.

“We could probably get 200 thousand people over the course of both days,” he said.

So if you want a shady spot you might want to come early.

“There are probably a couple of coveted spots for shade.” But he points out there will be places to avoid the sun. “Lots of tents, lots of water we have an entire truckload of water coming in. We’ve got the free water from the city in the buffalos and hired on two more Italian ice folks this morning to keep folks hydrated. And we brought in an air conditioned trailer that we have here in the parking lot”

There will be a medical tent and Pittsburgh EMS Chief Ron Romano says they’ll be there as well.

“We have two ambulances, a rescue vehicle, and at least one cycle medic to get through the crowd quickly to anyone who may have any problems,” he said.

Pittsburgh EMS will also be on hand at all the Pirates games. The team says staff will direct fans to places to get out of the heat and you are welcome to bring along your own unopened water. Coolers are allowed up to 16x16x8.

The games Friday and Saturday will benefit from midgame sunsets, but Sunday afternoon could be a solar challenge.