Imelda Marcos Is Sentenced to Decades in Prison for Corruption

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Neither Mrs. Marcos nor her lawyers could immediately be reached for comment.
The charges against Mrs. Marcos took more than a quarter-century to prosecute, largely because many people who could have been witnesses had died or were too old to testify.
The charges were filed in 1991, when state prosecutors accused Mrs. Marcos of creating private foundations in Switzerland and having financial interests in several companies when she was governor of Manila between 1978 and 1984. Prosecutors said the fake firms hid money that her family stole from the government.
The prosecutors wrapped up their presentation in 2015, but Mrs. Marcos’s lawyers successfully delayed the hearings by not appearing in court.
Among those who testified against Mrs. Marcos was Frank Chaves, the country’s late solicitor general, who filed a sworn statement that said Mrs. Marcos had used the foundations in Switzerland to hide millions of dollars of stolen wealth.
The government successfully recovered some $658 million that the Marcoses held in Swiss financial institutions. But officials believe that is just a fraction of the roughly $10 billion they say the Marcoses stole from the Philippines.
Ferdinand Marcos’s two-decade rule was ended by the 1986 “people power” revolution. The Marcoses were sent into exile in Hawaii, where Mr. Marcos died three years later.
The family was subsequently allowed to return home, where they re-established a political base in their hometown, Ilocos Norte, in the northern Philippines.

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