District fishing report: 07.12.18

Lake Erie (Erie County): Walleye anglers who don’t have the touch were unimpressed with the bite, while those who were lucky, talented or both reported outstanding fishing. A self-identified 40-year veteran of Lake Erie walleye fishing posted recently on FishErie.com that by his account 2018 had so far been nothing more than an average year. Yet before noon Thursday, a pair of Pittsburgh anglers called in from a boat trolling 4 miles northwest of Walnut Creek to report that the walleyes were holding at about 30 feet in 38-44 feet of water, and they had already boated 33 measuring 18 inches and smaller … Wait, make that 34 walleye. The call was cut short when the frequent and reliable source abruptly hung up to land another. Additional hookups were reported: Forrest Dzubinski, 14, of Pittsburgh boated about 19 walleye during a recent charter trip. Trolling on 2-foot waves, another walleye angler reported limiting out in 40 minutes in 40-45 feet of water — the four taken on spoons were 16 to 18 inches, but walleyes measuring 24 and 26 inches were caught on Reef Runners off planer boards.

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