Lawson Bates Writes Flirty Comment on Jana Duggar’s First Instagram

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Well, that was quick! Earlier today,  Jana Duggar finally gave into the social media side of life and  joined Instagram, sharing her first photo . And within just a few hours,  Lawson Bates had already popped up to leave a flirty message for her in the comments. After the oldest  Duggar daughter posted a picture of two of her nephews, the  Bringing Up Bates star had something to say. But it wasn’t about the shot she’d shared. Instead, it was just a cute little message for her.
While everyone else was congratulating Jana on getting an account and welcoming her to Instagram, Lawson went a different route. His comment was more playful and fun rather than just sweet. “So tech savvy,” he teased on her post, adding a phone emoji and a silly face.
Instagram/Courtesy of Jana Duggar
Of course, fans were immediately all over it, with one writing, “DATE!!” in all caps and another agreeing, “Yesssssss.” For years, there have been rumors about Jana and Lawson courting , but they’ve always been debunked. But now that the  Counting On star has joined the social media ranks, fans suspect that it might hint at an impending courtship announcement. “Does this mean she’s courting?” one fan asked in the comments, with another putting it more simply: “WHAT DOES THIS MEAN.”
Considering the fact that Lawson is the hottest Bates boy , well, he’d certainly be a good option. For now, it seems like this is all just some harmless flirting — but we’ll be keeping a close eye on things. After all, we’re starting to suspect that  Jessa Duggar ‘s big announcement that  she’s expecting baby number three isn’t the only news the family has to share. We’re just hoping that Jana finds a man that is exactly as awesome as she deserves . And then maybe she can join  John David Duggar and  Joy-Anna Duggar when they grab their boos and head out for another double date night , too.
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