District Fishing Report: 10.13.17

Lake Erie and tributaries (Erie County): Walleye were caught, but it took more effort than throughout the summer bonanza. ’Eyes were suspended at 70-80 feet in 90-foot waters off Northeast, and some ’eyes were taken at 50 feet off Shades Beach using plugs and worm harnesses. Perch were caught at 70-75 feet. Off the tributaries, trollers picked up steelhead and lake trout at 30 feet. Steelhead were at the mouths of most tributaries, although a sandbar blocked the mouth of Twentymile. Two good-size brown trout were released after being caught in an Erie tributary. Under showers Monday, anglers witnessed a large run of steelhead on Crooked Creek, and two in the 20-inch range were released. Another large group of steelhead was seen running up Elk Creek a mile south of the mouth last week.

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