Family Wants Answers After Cat Fatally Shot With Arrow

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A family in Brookline believes someone targeted their cat, Ollie, by shooting and killing it with an arrow.
Now, the family wants answers and wants to catch the person responsible.
“It’s not a good first brush with a loved one passing on. It was a cat, but it was part of our family,” Nathan Orr said.
(Photo Courtesy: Orr Family)
Orr’s cat, Ollie, died Saturday night after it was shot in its own backyard.
“I thought my cat was fighting with another cat and I looked out the window and he had an arrow through his back and out of its chest and unfortunately, my kids also witnessed that. They looked when I realized something was wrong,” Orr said.
A training arrow was lodged in Ollie’s back.
A family was left panicked and in disbelief of how this could happen on Elmbank Street. It’s a dead-end street lined with homes and filled with young families.
“It looked deliberate. Due to the fact that it was a target practice arrow, leads me to believe it wasn’t a hunting accident,” Orr said.
Orr said he rushed Ollie to the emergency vet, but it was too late.
Now, he’s left to explain this to his two young boys, ages 6 and 3.
“They took it hard. They took it very, very hard when we let them know and they had to say goodbyes,” Orr said.
He filed a police report and said at least one other neighbor reached out, and said he’d found a similar brand of training arrows in his backyard, near where his dog often lays.
Pittsburgh Police’s humane officer says she is now investigating.
She also asks that if you have a cat to please try to keep them inside if you can because there are too many threats out in the community.

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