Texas Republican who helped write state party’s platform declares himself a white nationalist : politics

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Please stop lumping all of the major cities in TX with the rural white trash. Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio are all liberal as hell. Yeah, you’ve got your good ole boys in every county but when it comes to voting we’re dealing with our own gerrymandering bullshit and a blatant and vocal anti-liberal TX Lege. We are currently fucked by a robinhood tax scam stealing our school district money to send to the State that then sends it to “property poor counties” (R) to build things like this; https://abc13.com/education/a-texas-school-district-opened-a-water-park-and-you-paid-for-it/4162905/ — 46%!!! of Austins school district money is sent to the State. 46% Is SALARY related! We (and Dallas and Houston) are laying off teachers because we can’t afford them — proof; https://www.austinisd.org/budget/recapture
Each of those counties overwhelmingly voted for HRC and Beto. Like 55-66%.
Here’s a recent email from the Greg Abbott campaign about us scary Democrats;


At midnight on December 9th, it all ends.

After this deadline, Governor Abbott won’t be able to raise another dollar until after the 2019 legislative session ends. That means that Governor Abbott needs to gather all the resources for the next six months, to combat liberal gains and defend our Texas values, in the next 4 days.

As of right now, we are $3,828 behind on our goal, and the truth is that we can’t accomplish this without you, Benjamin.

Time Is Running Out! Contribute Today!

There are only 4 days until the deadline hits. Governor Abbott needs to know that you’re with him and his conservative agenda as we head into this fundraising freeze and the 2019 legislative session. If we don’t have a strong showing before this deadline, I shudder to think about how the enthused Democrats will respond.

Governor Abbott needs you to chip in right away, swozey!

The future of the Lone Star State depends on our ability to fight for our conservative principles and our Texas values. With this critical deadline just days away, it’s now or never. Will you step up before the December 9th deadline?


Jordan Root Texans for Greg Abbott

They are desperate as fuck. To the point that they are sending fake “Your membership to GregAbbott.com will expire today! Renew now!” (To which I obviously never joined nor paid a dime to).
edit: Oh, oh, I found it. I’d spammed it. Sent DEC 1st, 2018.


There isn’t much time left.

Your Abbott Alliance membership expires at the end of the year! Please secure your membership for 2019. An Abbott Alliance membership allows you access to exclusive content and updates from the Texans for Greg Abbott team.

We would hate for you to miss out on all of the special members-only features of this exclusive membership.

Confirm Your Membership For 2019!

This year has brought so many incredible successes for Governor Abbott because of the hard work, dedication, and generosity of supporters like you. Help Governor Abbott finish out the year strong before the fundraising freeze begins at midnight on Sunday, December 9th.

Confirm your Abbott Alliance membership for 2019 right away!


Ben Flanagan Texans for Greg Abbott

Join The Abbott Alliance!

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